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Temperature Up!

Aleksotas. Forgotten stories


Aleksotas factory

(UAB Kauno stiklas, Europos pr. 91, Kaunas)

2017 10 12

2017 10 12 at 7 pm. Documentary performance – TEMPERATURE UP will take place at the former Aleksotas glass factory (factory space of UAB Kauno stiklas).

What's an objective truth - your story or our imagination? Revived for one day only, Kaunas glass factory workshop will invite to join a serious and, at the same time, absurd job routine of the glass industry. In this part of the triennial's program, the elements of performance, video art and music, combined into a single process, will invite the visitors to dive into a unique cultural experience. To this day, spaces of the former Aleksotas glass factory contain the signs of artistic glass alluding to the past tense (for example: a collapsing glass melting furnace as a historical monument). Visitors will be able to accept the truth of the past - the combination of memories and imagination - offered by the organizers or discover their own subjective one. The daily routine of artists and factory workers, turning on the hot sets and decaying glass industry machines will return on the 12th of October.

Creative group: visuals - Alius Veverskis, Kamilė Stanevičiūtė. Sound - Matas Drukteinis. Words – Anupras Jucius.

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