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Hot Glass masterclasses

VDA KF hot glass studio (Muitines str. 4, Kaunas)

2017 09 19 – 2017 10 25



All month, from the 19th of September, visitors are invited to open workshops at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty hot glass studio.

Experienced glass artists and craftsmen will be working here every day, in rotation. The workshops will be open and interactive - anyone interested will be able to observe or join the process. Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty hot glass studio is the only hot glass processing base of this type, with the opportunity to open its door to the public and involve professionals from different fields in the educational process.

Meetings with professional glass artists and theoreticians are planned to take place in the hot glass studio and the seminar room where they will share their experience and experimental quests. The audience will be able to join a vibrant creative action, to interact directly with the field's experienced specialists and test many breathtaking technological nuances. Discussions will focus on topical issues of contemporary glass art and answering the public's questions. It is not only a unique opportunity to see with your own eyes behind the scenes of a very complicated and specific branch of visual arts, but also an occasion to theoretically and practically supplement your creative potential.

2017 09 19 – 20 Jens Gussek (Germany)


2017 09 21 at 6 pm. OPENING OF THE FESTIVAL –with artist Markus Emilsson's spellbinding hot glass "party." Extraordinary glass experiments carried out by the Swede and a team of Lithuanians will be directly broadcasted in the courtyard of the faculty.

2017 09 24–25 Kazushi Nakda (Japan/Finland)

2017 09 26–27 Simone Fezer (Germany)

2017 09 28–29 Dalia Truskaitė (Lithuania)

2017 10 02–03 Fredrik Nielsen (Sweden)

2017 10 05–06 Patrik Illo (Slovakia)

2017 10 06 Teressa Almeida (Portugal)

2017 10 25 Maja Heuer (Sweden)

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